Tim Der and Chuck Mulholland are passionate golfers and long-time friends.  This love for golf combined with the seriousness of the Covid-19 crisis brought an idea of how to help golfers and the golf industry come together in a safe manner.  


If golf courses have the proper policies and procedures in place and the golfers know, are reminded of, and follow these protocols, then golf can be a safe and enjoyable activity for all in these challenging times.


Tim has been in the sign and graphics business for over 20 years and knows how difficult it can be to effectively relay a message.  GolfSafely.com with its exclusive Flagstick Cushions and Covid 19 Compliance signage was created to help golf courses do just that.

“We both love golf, however we want to make sure everyone does it in a safe and respectable manner. Please Golf Safely and Have Fun!”

Tim and Chuck