Frequently asked questions

How does the divider install on my cart?

The GolfSafely Divider utilizes a dual roof strap system. Two roof straps are wrapped around the outside of the cart roof and tensioned using the tensioning ladder lock buckle on the the strap. The strap can be adjusted easily. A metal rod with rounded ends is inserted to the top of the divider and then mounted onto the dual roof strap. The straps have a loop to ensure the positioning of the divider at the top of the cart. The seat strap loops under the cart seat and using the quick release buckles snaps the bottom of the divider in place. All buckles and straps can be tensioned for varying models of carts.

Do I need any tools? Will it damage the cart?

No! The GolfSafely Divider requires no tools to install. There is also no tape, adhesive or requires and dismantling of the cart or drilling/screwing of any hardware.

What if our course buys new carts?

Because the GolfSafely Cart Dividers requires no adhesives or drilling, the divider can be easily removed and used on another cart utilizing all the same components.

What if the divider is not required for two people in a cart for a round? (eg: same household/cohort)?

The GolfSafely Cart Divider can simply rolled to the roof of the cart without removing any of the dual roof straps. It is easily kept out of the way by releasing the quick release buckles securing the bottom of the divider, then rolling the divider toward the top of the roof and securing it utilizing another quick release buckle and strap.

How soon can I get my order?

All our products are manufactured and assembled locally, We currently have rotating stock and most orders ship within 5 business days.